“Research & Development has always been the heart of our company,” says Angelika Kresch, CEO SEBRING

In the SEBRING technology centre the latest applications are developed, the sound is tuned, design and performance are optimized. The success can be heard, seen and felt on the road as well as on the racing track.

Design and construction

Design and 3D processing stand at the beginning of each development. Continuous 3D processing is a condition that makes SEBRING products fit perfectly. Starting with the take over option of CATIA, Pro Engineer and various neutral formats the processing continues in the construction of all tools and devices and ends up with the measurement of the produced parts. These tests can be carried out with the mobile test arm on the vehicle and with the stationary test stand and guarantee best fitting accuracy.

Prototype construction

After design and 3D construction of silencers and tools on the latest computer equipment, the first functional prototypes are built. These are tested and the measured values are compared with the calculated values. The first prototypes can be tested without the presence of a vehicle, on a test stand especially developed for this purpose. The resulting data serves to optimize the noise behaviour.


In addition to the various vehicle testing methods also a multitude of possibilities for the simulation of stability and noise is offered. Natural resonance or the stress distribution on complex components can be predetermined via the software package “Mechanical structure” and then optimized in the simulation. The resultant calculations can be evaluated either on the vibration or the motor test stand. During these tests the motor serves as hot gas and noise source as well as vibration generator.

On the road

Finally, an actual on the road product test is performed. The on road test results are constantly compared with those of the in-house pass-by test section and those of the roller test stand in order to obtain an optimum result.


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