”Sound design will soon become one of our greatest advantages on the market,“ says Ing. Otto Kresch, CEO SEBRING

The acoustic test room, where the typical SEBRING sound is optimized, is the core of the SEBRING research centre. Measurements of noise from moving vehicles as well as stationary vehicles, sound quality measurements as well as sound intensity measurements to determinate the location of sound sources are carried out under strict observance of secrecy regulations. With a special sound design test system the tone of the exhausts is optimized.

Roller type test stand

The roller of the acoustic room enables simulation of actual travelling road conditions such as acceleration, constant travel and deceleration on any road chamber. The dual axle design of the roller type test stand also allows noise and exhaust gas analysis on four wheel drive vehicles. The TORNADO test and control system takes variations of actual on-road tests into consideration by means of electrical mass and road resistance simulation. TORNADO allows performance tests such as performance and tractive force determination in air conditioned surroundings.

Sound Quality

With this sound-design test system the tone of silencers is optimized. This system contains components for recording and reproduction which are specially tuned to the reproduction of true-to-life-sounds. The recording system is so constructed as to replicate the human head (head and torso simulator).The reproduction system allows true-to-life sound reproduction by means of a specially designed amplifier and headset so that even jury tests can be carried out. With this system, objective tone targets for sound design can be specified and tested by means of test parameters, such as loudness, fluctuation strength, roughness, sharpness, tone-to-noise ratio, prominence ratio etc. This helps to define and maintain a sound typical for a vehicle and thus for a particular brand.

Determining source of sound

To determine the exact points of sound emission of the total noise field, a test system with a sound intensity probe is available. The measurements of the probe are necessary, on the one hand to obtain the sound distribution of the field along the exhaust system, thereby optimizing the individual components. On the other hand to allow differentiating between auxiliary noises (e.g. suction noise) from that of the exhaust system and so isolate them.


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